Game Birds

During the Spring and early Summer, eggs are collected from various estates which produce eggs for us.

These are then sold as eggs, or are incubated here and sold as day old chicks or reared to six week old poults for pheasants or to eight week old poults for partridges.

The pheasant eggs and chicks are from Ring neck, Black neck, Melanistic or Michigan Blue species.

Each week from mid March, we send a vehicle to France to collect Red Leg partridge eggs, which are produced for us on an estate, where they bring eggs in from Spain each year, caught up in the wild, and then hatched in France as the parent flock, for the production of eggs the following year. The birds so produced are really wild and testing birds for the best of shots.

We hatch in excess of 50,000 day old chicks each week and these are delivered in our own vehicles throughout the United Kingdom. We also specialize in the export of game eggs and chicks, even as far as Brazil, Greece, Zambia and the Middle East.

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